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Technology Development

Technology Development Policy

To ensure safe and stable supply of city gas, which is indispensable for our society and daily lives, into the future, it is necessary to respond quickly and properly to the ever-changing environment, such as the growing risk of natural disasters, shortage of manpower, and changes in lifestyles.

With its know-how that has been refined in the gas distribution business over more than 100 years, Osaka Gas Network takes on challenges to cope with these issues through high-quality and speedy technology development, such as further deepening its engineering capabilities and promoting digital transformation (DX), which takes full advantage of the latest digital technologies, including IoT and AI, through open innovation.

Technology development Policy

Gas distribution

To construct inexpensive and high-quality gas distribution equipment, we work on the development of technologies to upgrade the chain of operations, from design to completion.

“Gas distribution” technologies


We work on the development of technologies to upgrade the maintenance operations of gas distribution equipment to ensure a safe and stable gas distribution at all times.

“Maintenance” technologies

Emergency response

We work on the development of technologies to implement quick and reliable emergency safety measures in preparation for emergencies, such as a gas leak.

“Emergency response” technologies

Disaster response

We work on the development of technologies that contribute to building a strong and resilient society by predicting disasters caused by heavy rain, achieving quick recovery and minimizing damage in the event of an earthquake, and thereby improving social resilience.

“Disaster response” technologies