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Gas Equipment Inspection

What is a gas equipment inspection?

A gas equipment inspection is a legal inspection conducted more than once every four years to check gas equipment for gas leaks by visiting customers’ residences. Make sure to have a gas equipment inspection conducted so that you can use gas safely with a feeling of security.

  • More than once every four years

  • All city gas users

  • Free-of-charge inspection *1

  • Witnessing required *2

  • 10 to 15 min required *3

  1. If it becomes necessary to improve or repair the equipment, the customer shall bear the cost.
  2. If all the equipment to be inspected is outdoors, we may inspect it without you.
  3. Required time varies depending on your gas equipment.

Visiting date and time

Information about Gas Equipment Inspection

The visiting date and time for the gas equipment inspection are indicated on “Information about Gas Equipment Inspection” delivered in advance. If you want to change the visiting date and/or time, you can apply from the link below.

Apply for changing visiting date and/or time

Inspection Results

Information about Gas Equipment Inspection

You will receive “Gas Equipment Inspection Results” at the end of the gas equipment inspection.

Who will conduct the inspection?

An inspector from Osaka Gas Customer Relations Co., Ltd. (OGCR) contracting with Osaka Gas Network will visit your home.

For Safe Use of Gas

Gas Safety Guide

Osaka Gas Network is working hard for our customers to ensure safe use of gas equipment at home. Please read about our efforts and customer precautions from the link below.

About customers’ home-use equipment

For safe use of gas, Osaka Gas Network has published the Gas Equipment Guide.

View Gas Equipment Guide