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Requests in the event of an emergency

In the event of an earthquake/disaster

In the event of an earthquake, place top priority on personal safety!
Ensure your personal safety first. Take shelter under a desk, etc.
In the event of an earthquake measuring 5 or more on the Japan Meteorological Agency’s seismic intensity scale, gas is automatically shut off by the intelligent meter. Do not panic, and take action with composure.
  • Turn off the gas after the tremor subsides.
    Close both drop valves of gas appliances (to turn off the flame) and gas valves (appliance shut-off valves).
  • If you notice a gas leak, immediately open windows and doors, call the Gas Leak Emergency Number, and evacuate outdoors.
  • Never use fire or electricity.
Never touch switches of ventilation fans or electric lamps (no fire).
  • Ventilation fan switch
  • Lighting switch
  • Light switch
  • Light a cigarette
  • Turn on the lighter
Close both drop valves of gas appliances (to turn off the flame) and gas valves (appliance shut-off valves).

When gas is unavailable

  • Gas is unavailable when the gas distribution to the area is interrupted or gas pipes, etc. are damaged after a large earthquake, etc.
  • If gas is unavailable in the gas service area even when gas valves are opened, reset the intelligent meter.

When restarting the use of gas after a natural disaster

Check the following items.

  • Gas smell around gas appliances
  • Abnormalities, such as deformation and damage to the main units of gas appliances
  • Abnormalities of air-intake and flue ventilation systems (e.g., stack type) indoors and outdoors (Check visually for disconnection, dents, and corrosion holes.)
  • Proper connection of gas connection devices (Check visually for disconnection of connection devices.)
  • If ventilation equipment cannot be operated due to a power outage, etc., there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure to ventilate the space by opening windows, etc.
  • Is the flue pipe disconnected or dented, or does it have corrosion holes? Is the air inlet blocked?
  • Is there a gap from the wall?
  • Is the connection port disengaged?

If you find any abnormality, there are risks of accidents, such as carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. Contact the shop from which you purchased the product or call the Gas Pipeline Helpline and request an inspection or repair (payment required).

If you feel eye irritation, feel sick, or smell an unpleasant odor while using a gas appliance, stop using the gas appliance immediately and contact Osaka Gas.

Information about action to be taken in the event of a natural disaster is also provided in “In the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake and typhoon ” on the website of the Japan Gas Association (in Japanese).