Osaka Gas Network Co., Ltd.Osaka Gas Network Co., Ltd.
Daigas Group The Osaka Gas Group has taken a new step forward as the Daigas Group.

Mission and goal

With all employees keeping our mission in mind,
we will make progress step by step toward the corporate image,
which we aim to attain by 2030, of a future-oriented lifeline company,
under the slogan of “Connection, Protection, and Challenges.”


Mission and creed

We contribute to realizing an affluent life and a strong and resilient society through unchanging commitment to safety and security and efforts to offer value that meets the needs of the changing times.


Corporate image to be attained by 2030

We aim to become a lifeline company that is most trusted by society and customers by ensuring stable supply of gas and taking on challenges to create new services and solutions based on our network and engineering capabilities.


Realizing an affluent life, ensuring convenience and comfort in daily lives, and building a strong and resilient society where social and economic activities are maintained in the event of a disaster by offering energy

  1. Supporting customers in their daily lives and businesses through stable supply of low-priced gas and “unchanging commitment to safety and security,” such as early recovery from a disaster
  2. Continuously taking on challenges without fearing changes to create “value that meets the needs of the changing times” beyond the conventional wisdom and existing frameworks, such as “gas” and “area”

Corporate image that we aim to attain as a future-oriented lifeline company based on our strengths in “network” and “engineering capabilities”

  1. A company that gains unwavering trust from society and customers and continues to be chosen
  2. A company that deploys a lifeline business to offer comprehensive value that underpins people’s lives in addition to the pipeline business
  3. A company that leads society by expanding its operational field from the Kansai area to the rest of Japan and around the world
  4. A company that contributes to the well-being of customers, society, shareholders, business partners, and employees through the efforts stated above
Connection, Protection, and Challenges