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What is city gas?

This page introduces the attractiveness of city gas,
which meets the needs of society and customers.

Attractiveness of city gas1

Harmony with the environment

Eco-friendly clean energy

Natural gas, the main raw material of city gas, is an eco-friendly energy that emits less carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) than fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, which can cause global warming and environmental pollution, and does not generate sulfur oxides (SOx).

Comparison table
The Institute of Applied Energy, Report on Evaluation of Effect of Thermoelectric Power Generation on the Atmosphere (March 1990) for CO2
OECD/IEA, Natural Gas Prospects (1986) for NOx and SOx

Effective use of resources

Gas pipes used for city gas distribution (PE pipes) and excavated soil dug out during the construction are recyclable.We make effective use of limited resources and carry out eco-friendly construction.

Recycle of excavated soil

Attractiveness of city gas2

Improving social resilience

City gas that can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

City gas is indispensable for daily life.Natural gas, the raw material of city gas, is imported from all over the world.We grasp the flow rate and pressure of gas sent from gas manufacturing facilities in real time and stably deliver city gas.We also maintain a security system that covers nights and holidays and strive to ensure that all customers can use our services at any time with reassurance.

city gas

Ensuring resilience in times of disaster

To prevent damage to supply equipment, such as conduits, in the event of a disaster, we are replacing gas pipes with those that are earthquake-proof (PE pipes) and repairing supply equipment.We are also working to accelerate recovery in the event of a disaster by automating and remotely controlling supply operations.

Information about measures against earthquakes and typhoons/heavy rain, disaster drills, and support for recovery efforts

Attractiveness of city gas3

Contributing to realizing a sustainable society

We are working on the development of technologies to generate city gas from hydrogen and technologies to transport hydrogen toward realization of carbon neutrality by 2050.We will contribute to realization of a productive life and a strong flexible society by continuously and stably delivering city gas, which is indispensable for daily life, in a sustainable manner.

Overview of carbon recycling
Overview of carbon recycling